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Celebrating more than 12 years serving Lee and Collier Counties
Naples Land Surveyors
While a lender will require a survey in order to close the real estate sale, it is important to have a survey done even if not required (even if there won't be a mortgage) because a boundary survey will show the property boundary as well as the location of all improvements, dwellings, fences, power lines, etc. A boundary survey will also show all recorded easements and any possible encroachements of anything crossing the property line or easements.
YES, you should verify exactly what the boundary of the property is and verify that nothing from the adjoining lots is encroaching onto the lot you're purchasing.
YES, the survey completed for the purpose of purchasing real estate can be used for construction, and Benchmark Land Services can work with the builder/contractor on all phases of construction.
YES, the flood zone is determined for every survey completed by Benchmark Land Services and shown on the survey.
If we're asked to complete an elevation certificate with the survey then we will complete one. Simply being in a flood zone does not automatically generate an elevation certificate.

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