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Celebrating more than 12 years serving Lee and Collier Counties

Flood Zone Changes

Many Collier County residents have learned that they must obtain flood insurance for their homes. For the past several years FEMA has been assessing the flood risks in Collier County, determining that much of the county is now in a flood hazard zone. Golden Gate Estates specifically will undergo complete flood zone changes. Currently, Golden Gate Estate properties fall under either Flood Zone X which is not a HAZARD zone, or Flood Zone D which is, by definition a zone where flood hazards are undetermined. Neither of those 2 flood zones require flood insurance. Under the new flood maps; FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map – DFIRM, Golden Gate Estates will be designated as Flood Zone AH, which will require flood insurance. This change will affect roughly 50,000 residents. Of the affected properties, it is expected that a large portion will qualify for a Letter of Map Amendment, which essentially changes the flood zone designation that affects insurance rates. Elevations of the structure and property need to be taken in order to apply and qualify for a Letter of Map Amendment -LOMA. The new DFIRM maps are now available at Collier County Government website; colliergov.net. In order to be pro-active with regards to either preparing to have to pay for flood insurance or to apply for a Letter of Map Amendment, homeowners should order a Flood Elevation Certificate of their property from a licensed surveyor as soon as the new zones become available. The results of the Elevation Certificate will determine if the property qualifies for a Letter of Map Amendment. Homeowners can fill out their own application to send to FEMA or have the licensed surveyor complete the application process on their behalf.

Benchmark Land Services, Inc. is an experienced, qualified, LOCAL land surveying company, capable of handling our resident's flood elevation needs. We can work with the insurance company, providing them with copies of your elevation certificates, or prepare an application to FEMA for a Letter of Map Amendment - LOMA, making the process easier for you during these trying times.

For any questions regarding the Flood Zone changes about to affect much of Collier County, please contact Benchmark Land Services, Inc., either by email: contactbls@benchmarklandservices.com or by phone: 239-591-0778. We at Benchmark Land Services, Inc. will do what we can to simplify the process.

To learn more about the process of applying for a Letter of Map Amendment - LOMA, visit; www.fema.org.

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