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Celebrating more than 12 years serving Lee and Collier Counties

Elevation Certificates

What is an Elevation Certificate?

Elevation Certificates are used by insurance companies to provide a flood insurance policy to anyone whose property is within a flood hazard zone and requires flood insurance.

Why would a homeowner/buyer need an Elevation Certificate?

Anyone purchasing a new home that will be financed by a bank will be required to purchase flood insurance if the property lies within a flood hazard zone. If the Flood Maps are updated, changing a property’s flood zone from a non-hazard “X” zone to a flood hazard “A”, “AE” or “AH”, and they have a mortgage on the property, they will be required to purchase flood insurance.

Anyone who would like to purchase flood insurance, for peace of mind, even if not required, but if their property is in a flood hazard zone should purchase an Elevation Certificate for the insurance company to determine accurate premiums.

In addition – some properties will qualify to be removed from the flood hazard zone if their elevations fall within the parameters necessary for FEMA to change their elevation from hazard to non-hazard. This is called a LOMA – Letter of Map Amendment. Not all survey companies are qualified to complete the LOMA applications to FEMA. Benchmark Land Services can complete the LOMA application on the owner’s behalf as long as Benchmark completed the Elevation Certificate.

Services We Offer

  • Flood Zone Determinations
  • Elevation Certificate
  • LOMA Application

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