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Benchmark Land Services will work with you or your agent to complete any or all of your survey needs. Are you purchasing a home? Are you building a home? Do you have questions about your boundary? Are you building a pool or making any other major improvements outside your home? Do you need flood insurance? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place and we’re here to help.
Collier & Lee Land Surveyors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Have A Survey Completed For The Property I'm About To Purchase?

While a lender will require a survey in order to close the real estate sale, it is important to have a survey done even if not required (even if there won’t be a mortgage) because a boundary survey will show the property boundary as well as the location of all improvements, dwellings, fences, power lines, etc. A boundary survey will also show all recorded easements and any possible encroachements of anything crossing the property line or easements.

If I'm Purchasing Vacant Land Is It Still Important To Have A Survey Completed?

YES, you should verify exactly what the boundary of the property is and verify that nothing from the adjoining lots is encroaching onto the lot you’re purchasing.

If I Choose To Build On My Lot, Can The Survey Be Used By My Builder For Construction

YES, the survey completed for the purpose of purchasing real estate can be used for construction, and Benchmark Land Services can work with the builder/contractor on all phases of construction.

Will My Survey Indicate If My Property Is In A Flood Zone?

YES, the flood zone is determined for every survey completed by Benchmark Land Services and shown on the survey.

If My Property Is In A Flood Zone, Will An Elevation Certificate Be Completed?

If we’re asked to complete an elevation certificate with the survey then we will complete one. Simply being in a flood zone does not automatically generate an elevation certificate.

Our Process
Step 1: Processing

  • Place your order by email or complete the online form
  • Processors will complete research to put order together
  • Orders will be entered into our database
  • Orders will be scheduled for our field crew

Step 2: Field Work

  • Field work will be completed
  • Completed field work will be delivered to the office for drafting

Step 3: Drafting

  • Field work is pre-checked by the (PSM) Professional Surveyor and Mapper
  • The CAD dept. drafts projects in order of due date
  • Completed projects go to the PSM to be checked and signed

Step 4: Final Approval

  • The PSM will look over the field work and the completed drawings/elevation certificates to be sure everything was drawn with accuracy
  • After checking and making any revisions, the completed drawings are signed and/or electronically sealed and available to be sent to the customer

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