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Celebrating more than 12 years serving Lee and Collier Counties

Land Surveys for Real Estate Purposes

  • Boundary Survey
  • Flood Zone Determinations
  • Elevation Certificates
Construction survey

Realtors - Get to know about Flood Risk for your clients

With the revision of Collier County Flood Maps in 2012 and the new Insurance Rates hitting much of Collier County, Realtors need to be pro-active in helping their clients' awareness regarding flood issues.

If you're representing a seller, it would be wise to first determine if they're in a hazard zone. If so, ask if they have an elevation certificate. The elevations provided on the certificate can shed some light as to whether flood insurance rates for a new buyer may be a "deal breaker". If this is the case, this is where it gets tricky because there may not be anything that can be done, but being aware of how this may affect a home sale should help with handling offers, etc. The reality that a CASH buyer would be the easiest to sell to could help with the process of dealing with offers (Cash offers would not have a "requirement" of flood insurance). If their elevations are positive and/or the home qualifies for a letter of map amendment (LOMA), this may be something the seller wants to pursue while selling, or prior to listing as a "sales tool" so that potential buyers realize that flood insurance shouldn't be an issue.

If you're representing a buyer, when finding a home that your buyer is interested, ask questions of the seller:

  1. Is your home in a flood hazard zone?
  2. Do you currently have flood insurance?
  3. How much is your premium?
  4. Is this the seller's primary residence? (This may affect the premium price)
These questions, and obtaining the answers (if not possible with the help of the seller, then by hiring a surveyor to determine) should precede any other step in the due diligence process. - Determining the flood zone is FREE . - Ordering an elevation certificate is INEXPENSIVE . - Determining the reality regarding what may have to be paid for flood insurance annually prior to going under contract or exceeding the due diligence period could save your buyer time and money (especially if done before the appraisal and/or home inspection) so that if necessary they can continue in their search for their dream home.

We at Benchmark Land Services, Inc. can not only take care of the Elevation Certificate for your clients but we will answer your questions with determining flood zones and the process discussed above regarding flood insurance and/or applying for a LOMA and having a home removed from the hazard zone.

Don't hesitate to call or email Jane or Jill to help you be a "Super Star" with your clients!

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